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What will happen to Fireworks after its absence in the announcement of Adobe CC?

27 mayo, 2021

Yesterday afternoon we told you how Adobe was going to abandon its Creative Suite range to move to the Creative Cloud and an annual subscription model. There will be no CS7, but in June Photoshop CC, Dreamweaver CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and company will arrive … except for one of the programs from the old suite. As some of you pointed out in the comments of the news, in the image of the presentation of the new CC products there is a notable absence: Adobe Fireworks.

To begin with, one thing is clear and Adobe has already confirmed it: there will be no Fireworks CC. The program, which in its day came to Adobe after the acquisition of Macromedia, will not be renewed along with the rest of the company’s software. The main reason? Adobe considers that its functionalities overlap with others already offered by other programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. So they have directly decided to stop the development of Fireworks.

Does this mean that it will disappear? Not in the short term. Like the rest of the CS6 suite, Fireworks CS6 will continue to be available in the market and will even offer the possibility of contracting it by subscription, in a similar way to the rest of CC products. They will continue to provide basic support for the product (mainly bug resolution and compatibility with future operating systems) at least for the time being. But you will not receive new functionality or updates outside of these cases.

Although Adobe has not given details of deadlines in its official announcement, it seems that this solution will be temporary since they have no plans to continue with Fireworks in the future. At the moment there are many current users who are regretting this change, considering that the supposed “characteristics that overlap” with other products are not such. In any case, Adobe’s decision seems firm and final. Goodbye Fireworks.

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