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What’s that in the Disqus comments? Yes, it is advertising

27 mayo, 2021

If you participate in online publications and blogs, you will surely meet Disqus. It is a comment system that replaces the native one that has the platform you use (such as WordPress), with some advantages such as global moderation of several blogs at the same time. Now Disqus launches monetize that system with integrated advertising.

That publicity will be in the form of a comment and it will be placed on top of all the others. It will be clearly indicated as an ad, but any user can respond to it as if it were just another comment. Everything will be oriented: depending on the theme of the comments, one ad and another will be displayed, and there are more than 1,000 themes prepared.

Advertisers will be able to moderate the comments on their ads

Let’s also consider that, by the simple fact of being a comment system, Disqus has good tools to moderate any abusive comments. These tools will be available to the advertisers themselves, who will see at all times what responses appear after their ads.

Disqus has been testing this way to monetize privately for a while, but is now opening it up to the public globally. The income can be interesting, since the comments of this platform are present in more than three million sites. Will it be effective? Everything is waiting for the statistics.

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