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WhatsApp for Android activates end-to-end encryption, now your conversations are safe

25 mayo, 2021

The most used messaging application in the world, with more than 1 billion users, secures our conversations. With the latest versions of WhatsApp our security and privacy is protected thanks to end-to-end encryption that from today reaches the whole world.

All our messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and WhatsApp calls are now encrypted so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. No one will be able to intercept our messages or calls, WhatsApp or third parties will not be able to read or listen to our conversations. Now they are totally safe.


End-to-end encryption

Whatsapp Encryption

The end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp is nothing new, since 2014 they have already begun to encrypt our conversations, but it was limited only to text messages, and not throughout the world. Now the novelty is that encryption reaches everyone and everything we send through WhatsApp.

Thanks to end-to-end encryption the courier service WhatsApp ensures that only you and the recipient can see what you have sent. All our messages, files and our calls are protected with a special code that only your application will know. For greater protection, each message has its own unique code. There will be no way to disable end-to-end encryption.

Whatsapp Encryption

WhatsApp It will notify us from today if each of our conversations are secure, it will inform us if end-to-end encryption is activated. The encryption reaches both private chats and groups.

Calls and messages sent to this chat are now secure with end-to-end encryption.

How to tell if encryption is on

Whatsapp Encryption

If WhatsApp informs us with the previous message that our conversation is encrypted, it is that both we and our receiver have one of the latest versions of WhatApp and it is already you have enabled peer-to-peer encryption, although they allow us to manually confirm if a chat is encrypted by showing some codes.

Confirm security code

Whatsapp Encryption

The codes are unique for each chat and they can be compared between the recipients of your messages to confirm that the messages you send to that chat are end-to-end encrypted. To confirm if a chat is end-to-end encrypted, we just have to:

  1. Open a chat.
  2. Press on the name of the contact or group to then go to the information screen.
  3. Press Encryption to see the QR code or all 60 digits.

If the QR code and the 60 digits of the code is that that conversation is being encrypted. WhatsApp allows us to make sure by checking if that code is valid, although this step is totally optional. For this we have two options, scan the code that our contact shows us or that our contact scan our code. If the chat of our contact is protected we will get a verification. We can share our code with our contact so that we do not have to do the verification in person.

Unencrypted chats

Whatsapp Encryption

If any of our contacts still have a very old version of WhatsApp, the chat with that person will not be encrypted, when we go to see the security code we will see the notice that the conversation is not being encrypted for that reason.

On Account> Security we can activate the security notifications, which will notify us when the security code of a contact has changed. This setting does not affect encryption.

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