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WhatsApp opens the beta on Android again: so you can sign up

26 mayo, 2021

If you were waiting for WhatsApp to open its beta program on Android because you stayed out of it, right now you have a chance: the company has activated the hidden beta in the Google Play Store. And it is very easy to sign up, you only need to know the specific URL.

WhatsApp keeps its mobile application in constant development. And he is frequently anticipating the result of said development, it is what is known as ‘beta’. It is not difficult to download the latest version of WhatsApp on Android since pages like Apk Mirror collect all the betas (or the company’s own website), but it is not as easy to personally sign up for the beta program, an option that allows directly update WhatsApp beta from Google Play. It is normally closed, but currently there is room to sign up. And you will have to run if you want your site.


Open the private beta of WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp Beta

Any developer can give their users the opportunity to test unfinished applications to help fix bugs. Google offers beta tools through the Google Play Console: it is possible to make it public and for the entry to appear in the app’s file; and also offer access to a specific number of users without the availability of the beta being seen publicly. WhatsApp is currently in the second option.

How to download or export WhatsApp conversations to save or read them anywhere

If you go to the WhatsApp tab you will see that Google Play warns that it is closed. But do not despair, this is what you must do to enter:

  • Open a desktop browser. If you are not on a computer, use desktop mode in Google Chrome mobile, for example.
  • Access this link, log in with your account and click on ‘Become a beta tester’. You will have entered the beta.
  • Google Play will replace the stable version of your WhatsApp with the latest beta. Y will update it as the company has a new version in development.
  • If you want to exit the beta you can click on the same link and click on ‘Exit the program’.
  • In the event that the betatester option does not appear, try it in another browser or use incognito mode. Remember: the gaps are limited.
WhatsApp Beta

We do not recommend leaving the WhatsApp beta as usually completes too quickly and then has a hard time re-entering (we can attest). So take advantage while it lasts and sign up: only then will you receive the latest news from Google Play and before anyone else.