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WhatsApp Status is now official, a new Snapchat clone for Facebook

26 mayo, 2021

And this is how “the one who was missing” arrived. WhatsApp Status is the latest to gain a foothold in the battle of the clones. First it was Snapchat, and then Instagram came along and stole a piece of the pie with Instagram Stories. And to splurge, we also have Facebook Stories. Now the world’s largest messaging platform launches a new feature for share photos, videos and GIFs with all kinds of decorations that disappear after 24 hours.

WhatsApp wants to “reinvent” the status function, and for this they have launched this update with which you can share images and videos with your WhatsApp friends and contacts in an easy and safe way. Namely, Instagram Stories for WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption.

The update that will be coming to all WhatsApp users on Android, iOS and Windows Phone It will allow you to create stories in the style of Instagram and Snapchat. In these you can add videos and images and decorate them with text and more. You can see the stories or “status” of your friends and reply privately. When you send a story it will be available to all your contacts, the private multimedia content is still sent as a normal message.

The Status thing is not new, the function was being tested some time ago and in Genbeta we talked a bit about whether it could end up hurting Instagram and Facebook. It would be ironic, since all three services belong to the same company.

Snapchat came first, but is lagging behind

Snapchat may have invented the ephemeral message format, but it hasn’t been the one to take advantage of it the most. Instagram Stories has had a gigantic growth in a few months and at the same time that of Snapchat has stagnated in the worst way in its history. And now with this function for the more than one billion active users per month of WhatsApp, Facebook does not want to leave anyone else.

As Snapchat gears up to go public while experiencing a huge growth slowdown, now its war isn’t just against Instagram. Facebook is attacking him on three different fronts, all completely “snapchatted.” While one has to fight to pass 160 million users, Facebook has combined the strength of almost three billion in audience to whom to offer practically the same.

WhatsApp Status has been announced today. In the next few hours you should be receiving the function, as usual gradually reaches the different regions and devices.

Source | WhatsApp Blog
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