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WhatsApp tricks: how to recover deleted messages

21 mayo, 2021

Some time ago, WhatsApp incorporated a function that millions of users demanded: the possibility of deleting messages so that no one sees them during the seven minutes after they were sent. But as always happens with this type of function, after the law, the trap is made, and although many people do not know it, there is a very easy method to read deleted messages. It works on all Android devices and it is enough to install a simple application that, in principle, was not even designed for this.

If you want to know how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages even though more than seven minutes have passed, here we leave you this small tutorial that is not less important because it is simple. Until WhatsApp finds a solution to this, anyone can read that deleted message if they want to.

How to view messages deleted by other people

What’s the trick? Basically take advantage of notification history to read the message. That is, even if the person deletes the message, it will have already jumped to our notification tray. And more importantly, although later it is replaced by “this message has been deleted“, there are methods to retrieve any previous notifications and thus keep a record of the messages that were sent at the time.

How to reply privately to a message in a WhatsApp group

This method has a number of limitations that is worth naming. Let no one think that these tricks are infallible. These are the requirements to be able to read a WhatsApp message that is deleted:

  • Only for Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.
  • The notification of the message must have reached us at some point.
  • For this to happen you must have read the message, slid your finger over it to delete the notification or interacted in some way with the message that will be deleted.
  • If you are within WhatsApp, it will not generate the notification.
  • You will only be able to see 100 characters of the deleted message, as notifications have this limit.
  • The trick works for text messages, no images or GIFs.

As we can see, it is quite limited but it can still be very useful at any given time for any reason. Known the limitations, let’s see how we can access the notification log.

Applications to read notification history

Deleted Messages Read

To access these messages the simplest is install a notification logger. It is a type of Android application that has been with us for some years and serves to have a list of notifications with a series of details about them.

Here are three of them, but you can find many similar ones on Google Play:

Notification History Log

Notification History Log1.7.1

Notif Log notification history

Notif Log notification history1.6.0

Notification Log

Notification Log1.5.1

  • Developer: hciLab
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

After giving permission to the appropriate application, we will access a screen similar to the following screenshot. We are shown the information of the application, the time and date, the name of the owner of the device and under the extra “android.text” the message itself from WhatsApp.


This field of Android.text will be kept on record if the conditions that we have named before are met. Basically what these apps do is save any notification that we have received at some point.

How to view the notification history without installing any app

Registration Notifications

If we have an Android with a stock version or Nova Launcher, we can access this notification log manually, without the need to install any extra application. The result will be identical to what we have described before.

To recover the deleted notifications we must add a widget while keeping the desktop pressed, select “direct access to Settings” and there the registry of notifications. Once added to the desktop, we can access it to see all the notification history and see the different messages that have been sent to us from WhatsApp, which will remain there even if the issuer has decided to delete them.

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