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WhatsApp will allow you to search Google Images for photos received in a chat

22 mayo, 2021

As they have discovered in WaBetaInfo, in the future WhatsApp will make it easier for you to look at google images reverse image search the images that send you to a chat. It is something that you could do before, but manually or by installing applications.

The function is not active for the moment, but its operation seems to be quite simple: in the contextual menu that appears when you make a long touch on a photo, the option will be added search image, what will submit the photo to google image search. The result will open in the browser.


Another tool against ‘fake news’

Search image

As for add-ons for a messaging app, the truth is that a shortcut to reverse image searches isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, everything makes more sense when we remember that several of the WhatsApp news during the past year focused on reduce the spread of fake news on your network, such as the message forwarding limit.


Until this novelty is officially presented we do not know what its reason for being, but a clear utility that it would have would be to send images that are sent to us in a chat to see where they come from and presumably get more information about them and their context. For example, if someone sends photos of an event from years ago and makes you believe that it is related to something that just happened, looking for the image you could discover the cake.

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As discussed in WABetaInfo, this reverse search is carried out using the Google Images API, and the final result is displayed in the browser. Obviously, to carry out the search you need to send it to Google’s servers first.

At the moment this search is not active for anyone, but the latest beta version of WhatsApp already makes some of the hidden emojis visible that did not appear in the emoji selector of previous versions.

Via | WaBetaInfo