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Where in a tweet should you include a link to give it maximum visibility?

26 mayo, 2021

When it comes to sharing links on Twitter, there are many factors to take into account to maximize its impact: the time slot in which we publish it, the length of the tweet and much more. Something that is often neglected a lot, wrongly, is the place of the same in which we choose to publish the link. To make people pay more attention to it, is it better to put it at the beginning of the tweet, in the middle or at the end?

Before looking for the answer to this question, there is another that we have to ask ourselves: does the position of the link really influence something? Without having to be very expert on the subject or having looked at any study, we can already imagine that it is. Many applications that publish directly to Twitter have a habit of including the links at the end of each tweet. People she is used to seeing them there, that’s why they stand out less.

The fact that a link is also posted at the end is associated with automated content. There are many blogs (including ours) and news portals that use applications that automatically post on Twitter everything they include on their page in real time. These links are usually of the form “Title of the news: url of the news”.

cnn-automated content.jpg

Example of automated content in @CNN

At first glance, and from what we have commented, it seems that publishing the links at the end of each tweet is not a very good idea: people are already used to seeing this type of tweet, they attract less attention, they can be confused with automated content and a host of other things. But does this really happen in reality?

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Location does matter

Yes. The location of a link in a tweet does matter and it directly influences the number of clicks that users make on it. Dan Zarella has reached this conclusion after analyzing 200,000 links published on Twitter and the number of clicks they have had based on the number of followers (CTR).

You can see the result in the image that heads this article. The areas with the most intense red are those in which the greatest impact of the links has been detected, and not only are they far from the end but also they are rather concentrated at the beginning of each tweet. What is the ideal area to put the links then? If a tweet is 140 characters long, according to this study, their thing would be to include the url around position 30 or 35.

What have been left out?

Although personally I do consider that the location is an important factor to take into account, I don’t think I was the only one to influence in this studio. What do I mean? To that many times also influences, and a lot, the context that we give to the publication. It is not the same to simply drop the link, without explaining anything, than to write a long tweet putting it in context.

And although we do write a complete tweet linking to something, there are also ways and means to sell the links. Just as there are headlines that attract much more attention than others, there are also tweets written in such a way that they invite you to click, while others do not attract any attention regardless of where the link is. The situation of a url is one more important factor to take into account, but not the only one.

Via | Dan zarella
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