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Where is my water? – Engadget Android

22 mayo, 2021

News from Where’s my water? in Engadget Android

Last month Disney put the video game on sale in the Android Market Where is my water?A game that took a very short time to attract the attention of the players and thanks to appearing in the promotion that Google made last week of applications at 0.10 euros, it is now in the top positions of the top sales.

Where is my water? It stars Swampy the crocodile. He lives under the city and is very fond of hygiene, something that Cranky the Crocodile does not like, who will sabotage him by breaking the pipes so that he cannot take a shower. Our goal is to dig in the sand to get the water to him through the shower so that you can take your bath. On Where is my water? We will have to overcome achievements, find hidden objects in the sand to unlock special stages and get the three rubber ducks that is in each level. The game will gradually increase its difficulty to add more elements and other liquids that will make it difficult for us to bring clean water to Swampy’s shower.

Watch the video at the original site.

Like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and more games Where is my water? bet on expanding the levels from time to time with new episodes, and now it does so by offering a new episode. The new episode with 20 new levels is named Stretched to the max and joins the other six episodes that initially came out in the game, also with 20 levels each episode, where they tell the story and adventures of Swampy the crocodile. Given the success of the game, Disney has opted to take a free version of the game in exchange for advertising but there are more differences with the paid version. For now only has the first episode available (20 levels), the following will arrive little by little in future updates, but the free version has an exclusive episode called 10 days of Swampy with 10 levels that will be enabled every day. For the first day of the year a new episode will be unlocked. Where is my water? Version 1.0.2 Android version: from 2.1
Developer: Disney
Download it at: Android Market

Price: Free / $ 0.99
Category: Puzzles and games to exercise the mind