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Where to download the books that entered the public domain in 2021

27 mayo, 2021

Every year there are hundreds of works whose copyrights expire and become part of the public domain. Among those works are a good handful of books, and 2021 is no exception.

Keeping track of all the literature that is now free to use is easier thanks to the Internet, and getting hold of these works is not too complicated without knowing where to look. There are multiple sites that are dedicated to collecting these books and from where we can easily download them and quickly.

In Spain, the works of all authors who died in 1940 enter the public domain. In the United States, all works published in 1925 enter the public domain.

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Where to download and read public domain books

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  • In the Hispanic Digital Library: every year the National Library of Spain publishes the Spanish authors whose work passes into the public domain, and all of them can be viewed and downloaded on its portal. Although this year the selection is minimal compared to the previous two years.

  • In Internet Archive: one of the best options to download all kinds of public domain resources. In the Open Library or “open library” you will find all the available books, as well as in the texts section searching by year.

  • In one of the largest sites in Spanish dedicated to maintaining public domain texts and their translations. There are a huge number and they are available in almost any e-book format you can think of.

  • In Project Gutenberg: The Gutenberg Project website is one of the most famous, and if you haven’t visited it for some time you will notice that it has undergone a quite radical change in appearance, but all the books are still there. More than 60,000 ebooks in the public domain for free download.

Other alternatives include sites like Standard Ebooks that are dedicated to giving a nicer format to the public domain books posted by Project Gutenberg. Or, the huge Hathi Trust digital library, or even LibroVox’s selection of audiobooks.