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where to download them and how to install them on your computer and mobile

21 mayo, 2021

Although many of us have the same mobile model or use the same operating system, it is always fine give it a personal touch to differentiate ourselves a little from the rest. And if you do not want to complicate your life tuning the tower of your computer or looking for a case for your mobile, a quick and easy way to personalize these devices is to put a wallpaper unique.

With wallpapers there are reactions of all kinds. From those who stay with the one that comes by default (“Total, why, if I always have it covered with open windows”) even those who directly put a satin color background, and voila. But there are those who enjoy searching and selecting the best wallpaper for their computer or mobile, and renewing it often – and they are the ones who will get the most out of this article.

Searching for wallpapers on the Internet is a bit like watching videos on YouTube or getting on Pinterest: you know when it starts, but no when is it going to end. There are so many resources that it’s easy to get lost in search results.

That is why here we present you a selection of pages to download wallpapers, in addition to Applications designed to download and manage wallpapers, and a basic reminder of how to change that image that can say so much about you – both on your computer and on your mobile.

Websites to download wallpapers


Searching the Internet is the first resort that comes to mind when you think about getting a new wallpaper for your computer or your smartphone. There are literally hundreds of websites where you can download them, but these are some of the most interesting.

  • HDWallpapers puts at your disposal thousands of images, available in a wide variety of resolutions. You can search by keywords or make use of categories.
  • In InterfaceLift, meanwhile, you have almost 4,000 wallpapers to download, filtering by downloads, user score or device where you are going to use it. The web even automatically detects your resolution so there is no confusion.
  • If you have more than one monitor on your computer, you may be interested in taking a look at WallpaperFusion, a wallpaper website specializing in images for multiple monitors. You can find them for up to four (!) Monitors, and also search by tags.
  • VladStudio may not have as many wallpapers as other web pages on this list, but its lovely designs they make up for a less wide selection. Each image is available in a dozen different resolutions. It also includes special wallpapers for systems with two or three monitors, and also a section for mobile devices.
  • There are also wallpapers beyond the websites dedicated especially to them. An example is that of National Geographic, where you can find beautiful images of landscapes, animals and other scenes from nature. The selection of resolutions, yes, is limited.
  • Are you more than space What about planet Earth? Take a tour of the Image of the Day section of the website POT, where you can view and download impressive images of planets, spaceships, astronauts and much more. Available in a single resolution.
  • Another site where you can download wallpapers, although it sounds strange, is the website of Microsoft. In the Wallpapers section you will find themes of animals, cars, art, nature scenes … that you can use wherever you want, not only on Windows.
  • Zedge is a wallpaper website specialized in mobiles. You can search by keywords or categories, and indicate your smartphone model to make sure that the results are perfectly compatible with your screen size and resolution.
  • Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is known for the beautiful images it displays in the background. But did you know that most of them can be downloaded and used as wallpaper? Visit his gallery here and choose the one you like the most.
  • Finally, an equally valid resource is to resort to Google images. By filtering your search with the help of the appropriate filters (such as image size and type) and searching by keywords, you can find the perfect wallpaper.

Programs and apps to download wallpapers


In addition to all the websites that we discussed above, and the hundreds more that you can find in Google by doing a search, you can also access collections of wallpapers through different desktop programs Y mobile apps, for example:

  • Wallpapers Bot, a program for Windows (compatible from version 7 onwards) that gives you access to more than 30,000 wallpapers of varied themes, and that you can download and install in a couple of clicks.
  • Kuvva, an app for Mac in which you can download wallpapers manually, or let are switched automatically with a certain interval of time.
  • Wallpapers HD, a great iPhone app that offers you hundreds of backgrounds for iPhone 4, 5 and 6, with great image quality and a powerful search engine to quickly locate the perfect image.
  • 10000+ Wallpapers is another iPhone app also prepared to satisfy the craving for wallpapers of iPhone owners, even the latest models. It also includes ipad backgrounds.
  • There are also wallpapers apps on Android, of course! Backgrounds HD is one of them, with a collection of quality images in constant growth and for all tastes: animals, cars, food, nature, art, sports …
  • Cool Wallpapers HD (or simply Spanish Backgrounds) is another Android application that gives you access to hundreds of wallpapers with which to personalize your device, classified into categories for greater comfort and with the possibility of saving the ones you like the most in Favorites.

How to install them on your computer


Installing a new wallpaper on your computer is very easy, but just by chance we will review the steps to follow. On Windows 7 and Windows 8Right click on the desktop and choose the “Personalize” option. In the Control Panel window, click on the “Wallpaper” option in the lower left corner and choose the photo you want to use as the background.

On Windows 10Also, right click on the desktop and choose the “Personalize” option. In the sidebar on the left choose “Background” and then select which image you want to use. In any version of Windows you can also right-click on an image in Windows Explorer and set it as wallpaper directly from the context menu.

On Mac you can right-click on the desktop and choose the option to change the background, change it from the System Preferences or do it also from the context menu of any image you have in the Finder.

How to install them on your mobile


What if it is a mobile phone? It is also very simple. On iPhone You just have to open the photo in your Camera Roll, touch the share icon in the lower left corner and from there select the “Wallpaper” option.

On Android, depends on the model, it can be done in several ways. If you have a device with “pure” Android, without add-ons (such as a Nexus), you will find the option to use the photo as a background in the Photo Gallery app, from the three-point icon in the upper right corner. In the case of SamsungFor example, you can access the option to customize the background from the Android top menu.

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