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Why does Facebook Messenger hide some of the messages you receive and how can we find them

23 mayo, 2021

If you know how to use a mobile messaging client, you know how to use it Facebook Messenger regardless of the operating system you prefer. But this service has the advantage of being able to be used via the web (something that I consider key right now), and that is where we can discover that hide some of the messages you receive from.

The reason is that Facebook private messages were born with a broader focus, but have now been rethought to become a messaging service. That means that, depending on how you have your privacy settings, Facebook hides all those messages that they do not come from your direct friends.

That is neither good nor bad: as always, it depends on what you prefer. And there is no way to be able to move all those messages that are hidden to our list in bulk, but we can modify preferences so that they do it in another way.

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Where are the hidden messages of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messages

Finding them is very easy. Just go to the Facebook private messages website (you need to log in to the social network) and take a look just above the list of people with whom we have started a conversation. Do you see that button that says ‘other’? Click on it and you will see all the messages that the social network has hidden from you.

As you can see, they are messages that users who are not friends on Facebook have sent you, but they can be friends of friends or they are simply pages that we have given like who have wanted to send more direct information. If we reply to any of those direct messages, the conversation will automatically go to the general inbox and we can see it normally. We can also do it if we load the conversation, click on the Actions menu and choose to move it to the inbox:

Facebook Menu

From there, we can also archive the conversations or simply delete them. It is possible, if these are years old, that Facebook takes a while to load them.

How do I change the way Facebook hides those messages?

Facebook Filter

Just above the list of hidden messages (remember, we have found them by clicking on ‘Others’), we have a link to edit the preferences of those messages. There, as you can see in the image above, we will choose between a basic filter (less strict, let messages from people who are not friends but who you might know) or specific (more strict, where we will only see messages from friends).

The rest of the messages, of the pages that we are following, will never appear in the inbox. But surely more than one will have come across messages from people in this “disaster drawer”, so we already know that from time to time you have to take a look.

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