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why it happens and how to fix it

24 mayo, 2021

One of the advantages of Android Auto is that it can read aloud the messages that come to you on WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and similar applications. This worked perfectly until a few weeks ago, when started reading the messages in English.

The result is comical, but frustrating, as the Wizard read texts in Spanish with English intonation. This is an error introduced in the latest updates of the Google application and which for the moment persists. Luckily, there are several methods to fix it, even temporarily.

Android Auto is bundled with languages


When you get a new message while using Android Auto, you can do have the Google Assistant read it out loud tapping on Play message. When you do this, the Google Assistant says something like “This is the message,” followed by the message and instructions on how you can respond. The problem is that everything above is being read with English intonation for many users, as you can see in the example below.

The problem has been reported by several users in the Google support forum and it is about un error in any of the applications involved: Android Auto, Speech to Text output or the Google app.

Ideally, Google should release an application update with the bug and fix the bug, but keeping in mind that the first reports are from the beginning of the year and the problem keeps happening, the best thing is that you take action on the matter if you use this function frequently. There are mainly two ways to fix it temporarily.

How to fix it by changing the language

The first way to fix it is changing the language of the mobile. It is not very practical, but it is something relatively simple that you can configure each time you use Android Auto. According to some users, it is enough to change the language of the mobile to “Spanish from the United States”, although in my case this has not worked, but to put the mobile in English.

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To find out what works in your case, it is best to try it. From the Android settings, enter System and Languages ​​and text input. Then tap on Languages to change the language to US English or Spanish, depending on which one you want to try.


Of course, putting the mobile in English means that all the menus -including those of Android Auto- will be in English, although ironically the reading of messages is done in Spanish. You can always change the language again after you finish using Android Auto. This is the summary of the steps to make Android Auto read messages in Spanish again:

  • Enter Settings

  • Enter System

  • Tap on Languages ​​and input text

  • Tap on Languages

  • Change the language to United States Spanish

  • If it still doesn’t work, try changing the language to English

How to fix it by uninstalling the Google app

Another way to “fix” it or, rather, to fix it, is uninstalling the latest version of the Google app. Again, it is not something extremely practical, because you will return to a version of the Google application that does not have the latest news, but it is another alternative if changing the language does not work for you or you do not want to change the language.

To do so, you must open Google Play and search for the official Google application. Then touch on Uninstall, which will remove the updates that have been installed and return to the initial version that came pre-installed on the mobile.


In my tests, I have been able to verify that, indeed, Android Auto re-read messages in Spanish with normal language settings on mobile after reverting to an old version of the Google application. In addition, this method has the curious side effect that it reverts to the old Google voice in Spanish. These are the steps: