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Why ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ Baby Yoda GIFs Disappeared: GIPHY Clears Up This ‘Confusion’

27 mayo, 2021

‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ is a space western which is captivating fans of the series and garnering many positive reviews. And, as with any successful production worth its salt, this series – the first live-action Star Wars series – is spawning a lot of memes and GIFs on the internet.

In the last hours there has been a lot of controversy about some GIFs about the series, starring a character that fans have dubbed ‘Baby Yoda’. In ‘Vulture’, a well-known media specialized in culture, they denounced that Disney wanted to eliminate the GIFs of this character from the Internet.

Everything has been a “confusion”

Kathryn VanArendonk, a journalist who writes for this medium, assured that I was writing an article on ‘The Mandalorian’ and decided to use GIPHY (the well-known platform for uploading GIFs) to insert some GIFs of this character.

At that time, the journalist assures that received an email informing him that the content he had uploaded had been removed “for copyright reasons.”

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This aroused a lot of criticism on the internet, and some users complained about GIPHY’s supposed decision to remove the GIFs of this character:

Anyway a few hours ago a spokesperson for GIPHY contacted Comicbook to explain what had actually happened to the ‘Baby Yoda’ GIFs. They assure that it is “a confusion”:

“Last week, there was some confusion surrounding certain content uploaded to GIPHY and we temporarily removed these GIFs while we reviewed the situation.

We apologize to Disney and Vulture for any inconvenience, and we are pleased to report that GIFs are back on GIPHY. ”

As we can see, it is not clear what really happened, and if at any time in GIPHY they received any type of communication from Disney to monitor the spread of this type of content.

Window Y Baby Yoda Gifs Find Share On Giphy

Me I have tried searching for “Baby Yoda” in GIPHY right now and the truth is that there are a lot of GIFs of this character on the platform.

GIFs and copyrights

GIPHY has a dedicated page detailing the privacy policies of its service. In it they make it clear that if you have found “material or content that infringes copyrightsPlease submit a notice of infringement. ”

The people, companies or organizations that send this request must identify themselves and add “enough details so they can verify” they actually have the rights to the reported content.

GIPHY ensures that if they receive a notice and the requirements are met, “we will remove the material cited in the notice and We will try to notify any user who has uploaded the material if we have your contact information. “

The user who has uploaded the GIF will have the opportunity to present a “counter notice”, and if they detect that said user has “repeatedly infringed the intellectual property rights of others, we will deactivate any account that the user has with us when appropriate”.

The truth is that GIFs are often in no man’s land, since a two second GIF of a 90 minute movie you are not using a substantial part of the original work. It is something that has already happened for years in the world of music.

Let’s not forget that in the middle of last year, we saw how the new EU copyright directive protected memes, after a lot of controversy had arisen in this regard.