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Wildfire, the easiest way to set up a Jabber server

26 mayo, 2021

Wildfire is the new name of the well-known Jabber / XMPP server, Jive Messenger, since it was changed from its version 2.40 and whose latest version is 2.41.

Wildfire is an instant messaging server, under GPL license, based on the messaging protocol Jabber / XMPP, like Google Talk. Wildfire is very easy to install, configure and manage thanks to a powerful panel, becoming one of the simplest Jabber servers to maintain.

It also has an instant messaging client, Spark, very usable, and Spark Manager, a centralized manager for the maintenance of Spark clients within our server.

For that reason, it was not enough, it also has support for plugins such as Asterisk-IM, which unites the power of the Jabber server Wildfire with the PBX protocol for Asterisk VoIP.

Result, a Jabber server with support for instant messaging and for VoIP. Impressive.

Official site | Jive Software. Download | Jive Software. More info | Wildfire, Spark, Spark Manager, Asterisk-IM, Asterisk.