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Windows 10 2004 is almost bug-free and ready to reach more users, if you haven’t updated yet it’s time to try

26 mayo, 2021

Windows 10 May 2020 Update or Windows 10 2004 she was released just over two months ago, but she didn’t exactly land free of stumbling. When she was released, she was born with more than 10 problems under her arm and several that appeared later.

This is the reason why its deployment has been slow and the update is blocked on many devices. Luckily Microsoft has been working on solving these bugs and with the most recent cumulative update they have released for the version the vast majority of problems have been solved.


A new wave of devices will be receiving the update

Windows 10 2004

Thanks to this Microsoft has started a new release phase for more Windows 10 2004 compatible devices to start receiving the latest version. Large semi-annual updates to Windows 10 are released using a machine learning system that detects when a computer is compatible or its version of Windows 10 is close to ending its support cycle.

Precisely the devices that are still using Windows 10 1809 or the infamous Windows 10 October 2018 Update are in that group, By November 10, support for that version ends and the computers will be automatically upgraded to Windows 10 2004.

The new Windows 10 package manager just became my favorite way to install apps

If you are one of those it still does not receive the update you can try looking for updates manually through Windows Update. Or, you can also try any of these solutions to rule out that the block is not due to incompatibility of some software.

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update was not a very big update, its focus was mainly on stability, performance and some quality of life improvements of the operating system. The next version that will arrive this fall looks like it will go down a similar path.

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