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Windows 10 Device Manager can no longer update your drivers online

25 mayo, 2021

Microsoft continues in its constant shuffling of functions with Windows 10. Not only is the Control Panel whose functions continue to be moved (and duplicated) to Settings, but perhaps for the first time a classic tool like in Device Manager loses capabilities.

As reported in Windows Latest, if you have Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 Update) you no longer have the option to search automatically updated controller software from the Internet via Device Manager.


Feature moved to Windows Update

Device Manager 2004

The Device Manager in Windows 10 2004: there are only options to search our computer

This means that if you are used to using this tool to update your drivers by searching online, you will have to get used to something else. Device Manager now only lets you search for drivers locally on your computer that you have manually downloaded before.

Four years and eight versions later, Windows 10's unified interface remains an unattainable ideal

Fortunately the function has not disappeared from the system, has moved to Windows Update. That while it makes sense, it does not take decades of being used to finding a function that is sometimes vital for some elsewhere.

Optional Updates Page 1095x420

Optional driver updates on Windows Update

Driver updates will appear only now in Windows Update within the optional updates, as part of efforts to make Windows 10 more consistent.

This is probably not a problem for most users of the system, and in fact it is even more intuitive for some, especially if you think that these are updates that have been moved to the “Update” section of Windows Settings.