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Windows 10 has its own video editor that is not Windows Movie Maker

21 mayo, 2021

Windows 10 has its own video editor. And no, it is not Windows Movie Maker that went to the grave of Microsoft applications years ago. No, it’s also not the Movies & TV app that got editing features in 2017, those are gone.

The video editing application built into Windows 10 is the ‘Video Editor’, and it can also be accessed from Photos. Maybe you noticed it in one of the major system updates or maybe you didn’t. But in the Photos application there is a special button for video, and that is the total of the “promotion” that Microsoft has done to its relatively new tool, so far.

Video editor

That button that hides behind a pretty decent video editor has been there for a year

This server, who has spent years scrutinizing each function of Windows 10 to perform different analyzes, had completely forgotten this “novelty” of the latest Microsoft operating system. In my defense, in its early versions it was basically a slideshow editor that created videos automatically with your photos and that’s it.

The hidden ‘Video Editor’

In my defense too Microsoft has made almost no effort to publicize this tool. Except for this week, when they have decided to give him the honor of a “mini documentary” that they published on YouTube telling “the story behind the creation of ‘Video Editor’.

‘Video Editor’ or Video Editor in Spanish, is obviously an extremely generic name, and it does not appear prominently anywhere in the system, you will only find it if you type that as a search in the start menu. You have to know that it is there, or maybe it was intended that way so that people will find it by chance if they use Windows 10 search to get results from the Internet.

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While the same Windows 10 video player has some feature of trimming videos with an edit button, this is a complete editor, and the good news is that throughout the year Microsoft has actually been dedicated to improving this appOnly those improvements go very unnoticed.

The ‘Video editor’ allows us to do many things in the style of the old Windows Movie MakerBetter yet, at least according to Microsoft. In August, they added drag-and-drop to add multimedia content, added more text styles, the ability to split and rotate, duplicate video projects, and more.

Windows Video Editor

The Windows 10 video editor in all its glory

Also includes background music for easy adding, or you can add your own files, you can sync projects with OneDrive, you can add “themes” that are like image filters to video, you have 3D effects, playback speed changes, motion effects, and lots of varieties of text.

If you are interested in learning more, there is even a video tutorial explaining how to use it, a video that has just over 2000 views. That means more than 899,997,000 Windows 10 users probably haven’t seen it.

There are many free video editors, but having something in Windows itself and relatively easy to use is always a good thing. If you were one of those who did not know that this tool was at your disposal there, you may be interested in taking a look at it.