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Windows 7 Starter does not allow changing the wallpaper

27 mayo, 2021

No, there is no mistake in the post title. Against all common sense, Microsoft has decided to take the limitations of the Starter edition of Windows to levels never seen before. Now we are prevented from changing the wallpaper. The Control Panel box where the wallpaper is chosen has been deleted (the “Personalize” option does not appear in the desktop context menu), and even when we select an image from Windows Explorer with the right button and click on “set as desktop wallpaper” this option does not work.

The worst thing about this is that according to figures that Microsoft itself manages, more than 90% of Windows users personalize the desktop by changing the wallpaper. That is, they have empirical data on what do users want (more customization), and they bring out an edition of Windows 7 that offers them the exact opposite: the guarantee that all Windows 7 Starter desktops will look exactly the same.


The good news is that there is a simple hack to get around this limitation. If we want to change the wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter we must go to the directory % windir% web wallpaper windows img0.jpg, change the folder’s permissions, and replace the img0.jpg file with the image we want. But the point is why invest time and resources to do what tasks lifelong become almost impossible for the common user? And it is understandable that an edition of Windows that is focused on netbooks and emerging markets does not include features such as the Media Center, or the Aero interface. But preventing the user from changing the wallpaper is something that borders on the insane

Frankly, I can’t understand what is the logic that leads Microsoft to want to sell such a limited edition of Windows 7, that apart from not allowing to change the wallpaper, it does not allow more than 3 applications to be opened at the same time (When nowadays even mobiles usually run more than 3 programs at the same time). Personally I think Windows 7 Starter should not existAs the Home Basic edition is already inexpensive enough to be marketed in emerging markets or pre-installed on low-cost hardware.

It is important to remember that the Starter edition will not be marketed to end users, but only to manufacturers, so they will have the last word and decide what percentage of computers will be pre-installed. sinister version Windows 7.

Via | Paul Thurrott`s SuperSite for Windows, Within Windows