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Windows 9, this is what we know so far

27 mayo, 2021

A few months ago, we started hearing rumors about a new operating system that was being developed by Microsoft, called Threshold. Windows 8 had just been put on sale in stores, so it was normal that the company was already thinking about the next products they would work on. Little by little little details were revealed. And one of the things we knew in the first instance was the final name of the project: Windows 9.

Microsoft wants to find a renewal for its well-known Windows 8. Apparently, this application package has not achieved all the success that was expected, so it seems that the company has decided to turn the page and start giving less importance to the previous versions of the brand, developing a new version that will include all the features that have been requested for years. Not forgetting, of course, the missing Start menu.

It’s clear that Windows 9 will be Microsoft’s next operating system. The replacement for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Therefore, we will have to be very attentive to what the company is programming in its offices. At the moment we do not know many details, although the few news and leaks that have reached us have given us a hand to make a preliminary idea of what it will have in its entrails.


The Start menu returns

Windows 9

The start menu it was one of the features most demanded by users. Microsoft had promised its implementation in Windows 8, although for the moment we have not returned to the menu that we all know. However, thanks to Windows 9 we can get it. And, also, the first time, without the need to install additional programs or make changes to the system. That, of course, if we have installed the package in a laptop or desktop computer.

Paul Thurrott, an analyst very close to the world of Microsoft, already commented a few weeks ago that the home screen will be replaced through the desktop, which means that we will go directly to this interface. We also have to mention that, when the operating system detects that we are on a desktop computer, it will directly bring out this graphic style. The opposite will happen when it is detected that we are running the software on a tablet, since it will directly show us the alternative interface, one more suited to this type of device.

It seems that in Windows 9 there will be a bit of differentiation according to device in which it is working. We could say, in quotes, that the operating system will be smart enough to show us what we want to see.

Finally, in this regard we have to mention that, as seen in recent news, the Start menu will have a slight Metro style. That is, although it will be the menu of a lifetime, it will be seasoned with different characteristics that will make its use much more enriching. For example, one of its features would be that, by giving it, it will show us all the information we want, such as the time, the emails in our tray, or the time. In short, a change with which you want unify the Start menu with other features that we had already seen in Windows 8.

A revamped operating system

Windows 9

The main purpose of Windows 9 is that users have at their disposal the ultimate operating system. Both in features and in price. In fact, one of the main complaints that customers have made for years was that the cost of the license was (and is) especially high. Other companies like Apple have already learned from their mistakes. However, Microsoft has not yet made any changes to this. About this aspect we have no information, although it has already been said that, if we migrate from a previous version, we could obtain an interesting reduction economical.

What can we say about its technical part? At the moment, little thing, since the information about it is not very abundant to say. What we could comment on is that it has recently been confirmed that there will be a Windows only version, for both computers and smartphones. Thus, there will be no differentiation of editions. To give you an idea, when a developer programs an application, he will not have to worry about the versions.

Of course, considering the device it is running on, the experience it will be different. In other words, when we run the package on a tablet, we will see an aspect, and when we do it on a desktop computer, we will get the typical desktop system. A very wise decision that will solve some of the errors that we already found previously.

Mod trademark registration

Windows 9

At the end of last January we learned that the company had registered the trademark Mod, of which, until now, we do not know much. There have been different kinds of rumors. For example, it has been known that there will be other products, such as Office Mod or Microsoft Mod, so it is supposed to be some feature to be implemented in the company’s services.

In its day we already commented that Mod could be either a name change for the Metro interface, or a twist to the well-known graphical interface. Nothing has been confirmed about it, so we cannot confirm for sure what it will be. What is clear is that, if the company has registered this name, will be working on it.

Is Microsoft considering implementing a new graphical interface in the operating system? In a way we rule it out. But what we can say is that the software will include some graphic changes. The typical ones that you have already carried out in the versions of Windows that you have put on sale in stores.

Voice assistant Cortana will make an appearance


One of the doubts that existed regarding the characteristics that the new Windows will have is the voice assistant. But it seems that we will not have to ask ourselves many questions, since a leak would have confirmed the inclusion of Cortana in the operating system itself, with considerable importance. In fact, would integrate on the desktop taskbar and in places considered key to the package. Nor is it ruled out that the software could interact with both voice commands and written commands.

It has also been commented that gadgets could come back in Windows 9. Even, it would not be ruled out that they “played” with the voice assistant, giving users very interesting possibilities. In any case, this is a function considered as a rumor, nothing confirmed by Microsoft itself.

Windows 365, an operating system in the cloud?


A few weeks ago, some rumors were revealed towards a possible version of Windows based on the cloud, with a subscription payment model. The idea would be to have an operating system that would need a Internet connection to function, using functionalities very similar to those already implemented in Office 365.

Details about it have not been mentioned much, although we do have to emphasize that, in the event that Microsoft was working on something like this, it could be a real bombshell for the market, since it would mean that it would be playing with a concept never before implemented of this way. Not surprisingly, you just have to imagine what a cloud-based Windows would be like. The possibilities they would be quite interesting.

Again, it should be noted that this possible Windows 365 is qualified as a rumor, so no official information has been disclosed in this regard. Not surprisingly, we would like Microsoft to comment something about the operating system and its features.

When will it be available?

Windows 9

On release date in Windows 9 stores we don’t have much information. At first it was commented that the operating system would be available during the month of April 2015.. However, we do not know if that number is final or not. In fact, it has even been rumored that manufacturers would have a version available next October. RTM. In any case, what we can say for sure is that we will be able to acquire the product during the next year, at a cost that, of course, has not been specified.

Although Windows 9 has already been talked about enough, and different types of leaks have even been offered, the truth is that still we will have to see it in operation to be able to tell if it is the operating system that users really want. At least, from what we have seen, we can comment that it will be a good option. Although there is still a lot to see.

We will be waiting, since until next year 2015 there are still a few months left. Enough time for Microsot to unveil official information about the product in hand. What do you think? Will Microsoft be developing the final version of Windows?

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