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With this app you can browse YouTube music videos and learn interesting things about artists

27 mayo, 2021

We have talked a lot about the different applications that abound on the web and that take advantage of the API of Youtube to offer us some interesting streaming music players that take advantage of the huge catalog of the popular video site.

Now, something they have in common is that they always look for a way to hide the same video as much as possible so that it does not “get in the way” of those who are only interested in music. The app that we are going to talk about today does the opposite. In Play, the protagonists are the videos.

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Play is a music player for the web that puts video first. It is completely focused on the musical material available on YouTube and not only allows us to listen to what we want, but also shows curious and interesting information about the video, the song, the album or the artist that appears on the screen.


While you watch a video, pop-up messages appear with some information about the music, in the style of those classic programs on VH1 or MTV (if there is someone here over 15 years old who understands the reference). There are information available on more than 30,000 artists, so you will hardly play a video that does not show anything (unless you are the ultimate hipster).

Play has an extremely simple interface, you can search songs while the current video keeps playing in the backgroundas the content appears overlapping.

You have a home page with the hits of the moment and the most popular artists. You can search for whatever and you will get multiple results that they automatically arm you a play queue. And, it also works perfectly from mobile.

In Genbeta | Headset is a great mini player that turns YouTube into a music app for your desktop