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With this extension for Chrome you can view Instagram stories anonymously

27 mayo, 2021

Stalkers of the world, today is your day. Thanks to this tool you will be able to unblock a function in Instagram Stories that surely many would wish it existed: the possibility of view your friends’ stories anonymously.

Chrome IG Story not only adds an anonymous mode to view stories, but also lets you download them without the user knowing.


When you install the extension you will see a new eye icon just above the list of stories. Clicking on it activates the anonymous mode. You can see the stories as many times as you want and download them all, the person will never know.

View Stories Anonymously Enable anonymous view of stories

In the list of contacts who have seen their history, you will simply not appear, the user will not be alerted with an anonymous viewing message. We have tested it and at the moment it works perfectly.

Ig Story Pop-up Menu You can search for accounts and see stories from people you don’t follow without them knowing

In addition to adding anonymous mode, IG Story adds a button on the top bar of Chrome from which you can activate a pop-up menu to view, share, download and search for stories from other users. I mean, you also have a Simple way to see Instagram Stories of people you don’t follow.

The only “weakness” is that it is only an extension for Chrome, so obviously it only works from that browser on the desktop version of Instagram.

If it becomes very popular, Instagram may not like it, so take advantage of using it while possible.

Via | The Next Web
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