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With this little trick you can post photos to Instagram from Chrome for Windows, Linux or Mac

23 mayo, 2021

Instagram may be almost 7 years old, but even if that is an eternity when it talks about the world of technology and applications, there is still no possibility of upload a simple photo from our computer and publish it on the social network. At least not simply.

Some time ago we explained how to upload photos to Instagram from the PC using a somewhat complicated method: installing the app for Instagram in Chrome. Now, if you want a much simpler trick, we explain how to do it simply using the mobile version of Instagram from Google Chrome for Windows, Linux or Mac.

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Use the mobile version of Instagram from your computer

Thanks to the fact that the mobile version of the Instagram web added support for uploading and sharing photos recently, we can take advantage of Chrome’s developer options to “trick” the page into believing that we are using mobile.

Instagram Google Chrome
  • Open from Chrome and make sure you are signed in.
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + I (Cmd + Alt + I on macOS) to open the developer tools.
  • Press CTRL + SHITF + M (Cmd + Shift + M on macOS) to switch to Instagram’s mobile view, with access to the camera button to upload photos.

Do not close the development tools, if you do, you will automatically return to the desktop version and you will lose the option to upload photos.

Instagram Post

Now you just have to choose any image you have stored on your computer by clicking on the camera icon as if it were the mobile app. Yes indeed, you don’t have access to filters or editing tools. You can only upload and post the photo.

But there it is, you can publish any image previously edited with better software from your computer, or taken with a better camera than that of your mobile, no need to install anything additional and simply using Chrome. Worth it.

Via | MakeUseOf
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