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With this page you can create your world maps with custom colors and descriptions

22 mayo, 2021

We all like maps. They can be entertaining, help us display various statistics and information, and even serve as a powerful and visual educational tool. Mapchart is simply a website with which you can do everything you can imagine with them, adapting them to your needs quickly and easily.

It is a page with which we can create our own maps of Europe, Asia, America, Africa or specific countries such as the United States, Germany or China. We can even work with world maps. Afterwards, the web will give us the possibility to color them to our liking and add a legend so that they adapt to the information we want to show.

At first glance Mapchart may seem an excessively simple tool, and it is precisely this simplicity that makes it practically anyone can take advantage of it. On their page they give us some examples of the type of maps that we can create, such as statistical, comparative or full of data of all kinds.

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Creating our map in 3 steps

The first thing you have to do when you enter the web is to choose which area of ​​the world you want to represent on the map. After choosing a country or continent, you will go to the creation page, where the first step is go choosing colors and coloring each country. You can choose as many colors as you need.

In the second step you will see a list with all the colors that you have been using. By clicking on the color you can change it, and in each one you will have a text box to describe what they represent. On top of everything you will have the picture Leyend Title in which you can put what the map is about, such as “Population growth” or “Linguistic diversity”.

In the third and last step you will have the options to convert map to image, at which point the legend you have configured will be added and you will only have to right click to save it. There will also be options to edit or save it. The map will be saved in a txt that you can upload back to the web whenever you want to continue working from where you left off.

Link | Mapchart