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with this tool you can put a link for each photo

22 mayo, 2021

If those who most use Instagram know something, especially in a commercial way or for the dissemination of other content, you know that the social network owned by Facebook does not get along very well with links. The main problem is well known: that we cannot include links in the descriptions of the photos.

We can add a link in the publications, yes, but it can never be clicked. Neither from the mobile applications of the social network, nor from the computer. It is as if it does not exist. That is why alternatives such as the famous link in bio “or” link in profile “. When a photo is published, it is referred to a link that is placed in the only place from which it can be accessed: the profile.

However, we can take this solution to the next level thanks to tools like the one we present in this article: iglink.


Links in each photo with iglink: how to use it

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The operation of iglink is really simple. It is enough to publish a photo normally, as we would do with any other, including in the description the link to which we want the photograph to point. Next, we will go to the service’s website, we will indicate our Instagram user and we will receive a link of the style Clever!

Now we will only need to place this link in our profile and indicate in the photos, in the way that we deem appropriate, that the link can be accessed from there. This tool will automatically read our photos and generate, in the link custom, photos that will link directly to the copied links. It will no longer be necessary to change the link of the bio after each photo uploaded.

If we click on the iglink link — it works both from mobile and desktop — we will see that snapshots without a link appear in black and white, or sometimes they do not appear. And the ones that carry it, and therefore are clickable, in color.