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With this tool you can quickly and easily update your programs in Windows 10

23 mayo, 2021

For many years that Windows 10 has had an application store, the reality is that most of the popular programs and many apps that we use in our day to day, simply are not there, do not have Modern version to update automatically, just the classic Win32.

Updating this type of application involves searching by hand on the download website, or if anything, waiting for the same app to notify us of a new version, but in Windows as such there is no quick and easy batch way. Unless you use something like Patch My PC.

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Patch My Pc

Patch My PC is an old but good tool, it is relatively well known among Windows users and in Genbeta we have not talked about it for almost 10 years. We have decided to test it on Windows 10 to see its current status, and remains as simple and efficient as ever.

In addition to this it is about free and portable app, that is, it does not need installation. If you are a personal user, just download the Home Updater version from its official website and run the file once.

With this application for Windows 10 you can group applications in the same icon on the taskbar


Patch My PC Options

This opens the tool window where you will see a list with all the available software, that is, the one that you can install or update if you already have it installed. Patch My PC automatically detects what you have installed and in its latest version, and what requires updating.

If any app needs to be updated you will see it in red, if it is already in the latest version, you will see it in green. Updating everything is as simple as clicking on “Perform x Updates”. From the Options section You can do things like choose the preferred language of the apps when downloading them, activate a mode that only downloads the apps and does not install them, minimize to the tray when updating, change the colors of the status of the apps, etc.

It is a very simple and easy-to-use tool, it costs nothing, and it can save you a lot of time if you use it a couple of times a month on your personal computer, and even better if you work with more than one computer and you have to do maintenance on all of them constantly.