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With this trick you will be able to see .onion pages of the Deep Web from any browser

26 mayo, 2021

It is understood that whoever visits the Darknet, commonly misnamed Deep Web, does so mainly because they want to access an alternative network in which user privacy is taken care of to the maximum. Therefore, if we want to visit .onion pages, it is usually recommended to download and use Tor Browser.

But if more than browsing the Darknet what you want is to be able to visit specific pages, there is a trick with which you can do it without additional software and from any browser using Tor2Web service redirects. Of course, by doing so you expose your personal data as in the conventional Internet, that is, it will be better to use it with caution.

Deep Web, Dark Web and Dark Net_ What is each one?

It is a gateway to the hidden network of Tor, a proxy with which all you have to do is to write .to at the end of an .onion address to be able to access it. For example, if DuckDuckGo’s address on the Darknet is 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion, to enter it from any browser it will be worth typing

In any case, already on the project page itself they warn us that it is only an entrance door that does not offer any kind of anonymity for the user like the one in Tor’s suite. This, for example, can expose your IP, and by using a conventional browser the pages you visit can extract data from it to track your sessions.

In any case, if what you want is visit a page on time that has been linked on a website or that you have heard of is a trick simple enough to quickly satisfy your curiosity. Of course, if you are going to go further and decide to explore the Darknet, it will be better to use an adapted browser.

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