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With this website you can create complex melodies online adding and joining sound points

26 mayo, 2021

If you are a musician, you want to be, or if you are simply looking for a curious way to spend time trying to create music, BlokDust is a website that offers us endless possibilities when creating sounds. In fact, we can use it in different ways depending on our own knowledge of the subject.

It is an open source project created by two friends during the weekends of the last two years. With him we can design synthesizers, manipulate samples, and create sound environments with self-reproduction. With it you can create small melodies to complement your MIDI keyboard.

Difficult to learn, but as complete as you need

The only requirement of this app is that we will need the Chrome browser, being able to use it on a PC or tablet, as well as an Internet connection. In return, we can create sounds to use on a MIDI keyboard if we have one, or design small and highly visual compositions to share with our friends.

The concept of the application is that of create sound chains with different elements that we can configure separately, and that we can unite with each other so that together they complete a melody. There are different types of block, and each one of them has a specific mission within our composition.

Synth01 6

The blocks of the Power category are the power source, with which we can create autonomous mechanisms, sequences or chain reactions. There are also interaction blocks to take control with the MIDI keyboard or the PC, others that are responsible for adding sound effects to the equation, and others from the Source category that are the ones that generate the sound itself.

By clicking on each block we will have different options with which to modulate its behavior. If we do it with one from Source, for example, we can make the sound it emits be lower or higher. In addition, all the blocks can be joined creating complex sound chains.


I’m not a musician, so when I see this I don’t even know where to start, but a subreddit has been created so that users can share the works, and there are already a few like the 8 Step Circular Sequencer or the Amb05.1 that they give us an example of how far you can go. The links of some of them take time to activate, so zoom down and wait to see the full scale. Does anyone dare to share their creations?

Link | BlokDust
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