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without focus you can be successful. The history of

27 mayo, 2021

“Anyone can serve another person for one or three hours. One thing we love is being able to help other people who are just starting out, who want to launch their business but do not have the necessary knowledge or support.” The one who speaks is David Zaragoza, one of the founders of avanzis, a Valencia-based company halfway between consulting and online business development.

The story of David and his other two traveling companions, Josep Planells and Ricardo Chamorro, goes back almost 15 years, when in 1999 they decided to set up the website while studying telecommunications engineering.

Birth and evolution of

With they sought to become the reference website for questions and answers (QA), anticipating many others that emerged in later years such as, Yahoo Answers or even Quora.

The web currently has more than 1.6 million registered users, 247,000 experts and 5.2 million unique visitors every month. A significant number of users who to date have posted a total of 2.8 and 2.6 million questions and answers, respectively. The growth experienced by at the beginning of the current decade caught the attention of Martín Varsavsky, founder of Jazztel, or Fon, who in 2011 invested in the company an amount that has not been disclosed. The level of turnover of, whose business model is based on advertising, is not publicly known either.

But in recent years has suffered a decline traffic and, above all, of relevance. The Valencian company recognizes that Google Panda had a negative impact on the web, and a look at the trend of in Google Trends also points to a lesser importance in recent times, at the same time as other question-and-answer platforms. global level such as Quora or Stackoverflow have grown in importance.

The current experience of the visitors of is not the best that one can find in this type of pages -and it adds to the absence of a mobile version or app of the portal-, but from the company they assure that they are working on a new version that will be ready in “the next months”.

Learning from the good and the bad

Avanzis team

From left to right: Josep Planells, David Zaragoza and Ricardo Chamorro was the first project of these three fellow students, which had its continuation a few years later with the launch of advance to develop online projects for other clients. Those responsible say that the decision to set up this company arises “naturally” and with the aim of having a greater potential for development applicable to new ideas and also to Todoexpertos. “We usually support projects in two ways: either as financial partners or as technological partners,” Zaragoza comments. In the portfolio of companies that have received the support of avanzis we find Effipeople (in the energy segment), Terminis (a repository of online legal texts) or Freqly.

The company has high hopes for the first two projects, considering that they may represent a change in their respective sectors. Initiatives in which Avanzis has invested time, money and also the experience of other projects that did not work as well, such as Freqly, although Zaragoza considers that “it was a great learning exercise”.

The Avanzis way of working

We said at the beginning that advance It could be somewhere between consulting and online business development. The company is in charge of identifying market opportunities or finding entrepreneurs with technical and / or financing needs to support them in launching their ideas. In addition to this business channel, avanzis also carries out more projects traditional for clients such as Disney, the Euroleague basketball or Andreu World.

Avanzis’ activity is marked by the history and growth of its partners and employees, which today has been materialized in numerous projects that compete with others with much greater financing capacity. A moment, moreover, that differs greatly from the ecosystem that Zaragoza, Planells and Chamorro encountered when they began their adventure. “Today we hear everywhere talk about entrepreneurship and it is said that everything is wonderful. The main difference that we find with 1999 is that now there are many more people to ask or ask for advice, before you were much more isolated“.

An isolation that avanzis wants to help eradicate while trying to build a great community – and a business – around its starting point,

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