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Workflowy, a good solution to manage projects and tasks quickly and without complications

24 mayo, 2021

Working using the GTD methodology is something that many people have found great for their productivity. Some follow it to the letter, others modify it to be more comfortable with it by modifying some points. But the tool with which we use this method is a key part, and some even use online notepads like For them, Workflowy can be a good solution.

Workflowy can also be defined as an online notepad, but vitaminized so that you can manage tasks much more comfortably. We can create tasks with infinite subtasks, notes, tags just by typing a word as if it were a Twitter hashtag … and although the interface only shows the text of our projects and tasks, these are highly interactive and can be isolated or reorganized to our liking.

The service is relatively young with one year completed this month, but as we can read in the official blog of the Workflowy service, it will soon improve with applications for mobile terminals, the ability for several people to work collaboratively, better usability and a model freemium to benefit from users who use the product intensively. At the moment Workflowy is gratuitous, and recommended if you are only looking for a place to record tasks in the cloud without complicated categories, mailboxes or task sections.

Official site | Workflowy Video | Youtube