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Writty is an open source text editor, with an impeccable design and that helps you “focus on what matters”

27 mayo, 2021

For many, iA Writer is one of the best tools for writing, since its design and simplicity can be key when it comes to concentrating on a blank (digital) page.

If you are looking a free, web-based alternative, maybe you should take a look at Writty. It is an open source text editor that has just been officially launched, and it is the work of developer Carlos Yllobre.

Privacy and simplicity

It will not be necessary to create an account to use it, and we have an extension for Google Chrome in case we want to always have it at hand. Another positive point is that Writty “does not store your content anywhere other than your browser“.

As has become common in this type of application, we have a dark mode, which we can activate or deactivate in the upper right part of the editor.

On the left side we will see a toolbar in which we can put the text in italics, bold, underline, put quotes, links, lists or even upload an image from our computer.

Window And Writty Just Write

Below this toolbar we will always have in view a character counter, and the button that appears at the bottom allows us to download the document in three formats: .PDF, -HTML and .TXT.

Zen is a minimalist and distraction-free text editor that you can use in the browser and remember everything you type

Surely many people will miss the support for MarkDown. It is something that Carlos Yllobre himself is aware of, who affirms that the implementation of MarkDown “is definitely something that he would like to add in the future”.

So maybe it is a good idea to keep this new platform in our favorites, since it can improve a lot in future versions, and it can be ideal when we want to write certain documents without installing anything at all.