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WunderMail, a Gmail desktop client optimized for Windows 10

27 mayo, 2021

There was a time when there were plenty native mail clients for the desktop, but that time is not now, especially if you are looking for a free alternative that is not again a version packed in Electron of the same service that you already use on the web.

It is perhaps for that reason that I have decided to tell you about WunderMail, a Gmail client for Windows 10 that we can download for free from the Microsoft Store and that also uses some of the Fluent design principles to better integrate with the operating system.

Wundermail Config

WunderMail is completely built on top of the Gmail API, so it supports many of the unique features of Google Mail, such as organizing your emails with labels, or keep your inbox sorted by categories. WunderMail also supports the conversation view, indispensable for many.

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In fact, when you run the application for the first time you will be able to choose the categories in which you want to keep your inbox organized, or if you just want to simply see all the new emails in the same place.

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The Gmail for Windows 10 that we do not have and will never have

Google has shown that it has zero interest in developing native desktop applications, it is not something we are going to see for Windows, Linux or macOS. Gmail on the web is the only way they offer to access our mail, and soon even their own alternative, Inbox, will be gone.

Export Mail Opend

WunderMail is not perfect, but although the free version has ads, they do not bother almost anything, and the paid version costs only 9.99 per year, yes, per year and not per month as other similar services claim to charge.

However, when I tried it, I noticed that it’s a bit slow and there is some lag between animations and actions. I hope it will be something they will optimize soon, since being a UWP it should in theory be faster and lighter than other types of apps.

Despite that small detail, it seems to me a fairly complete client, and also well designed. It integrates seamlessly with modern Windows 10, with system notifications, you can log in with up to five Gmail accounts at the same time, all the avatars of your contacts are imported, it works offline, it is optimized for touch screens, and it is a universal app. It is worth a try.