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Xat, create your chat room for your website or social network

26 mayo, 2021

Time to chat, and if possible, from your website or from your profile on any social network. And who allows us is Xat, a service that goes beyond offering us the possibility of create our chat room with flash technology, in a personalized way, to add on our website or profile in some social networks.

At first, and without the need for prior registration, although with the possibility of doing so, we can generate our own chat widget, in which we must choose the background, size, and choose the code. But in addition, we can turn our chat widget into a group of users, in addition to editing some series of extra options.

The fact is that user groups seem more like MySpace or Live Spaces pages, because of how the users themselves configure it. In addition, user groups themselves can share YouTube videos, have a digital whiteboard, a slideshow of online members, browse the universe of groups, and access a complete list of emoticons. In addition, pages for specific services may be added.

An option for those who prefer to depend on external services and want to have their own chat room.

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