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Yahoo Answers Now brings you the questions and answers to Android

23 mayo, 2021

Have you ever wondered how you can transform into Super Sayayin, why does the frozen image come out on paper when printing or if you think you could kill Satan? Then you most likely know Yahoo Answers, the Yahoo page located in the weird neighborhood of the Internet where its users they ask and answer about any topic.

Since its golden age, Yahoo Answers has received some facelift to try to be taken more seriously and has now made the leap to mobile phones with its application Yahoo Answers Now, available in some countries on Google Play and for the rest from its APK.

Ask what you want

Those of you already familiar with Yahoo Answers on the web will have little trouble getting started on Android. It is exactly the same concept of community questions and answers, albeit with a sleek and up-to-date interface, and from the mobile.


For the rest, Yahoo Answers Now is a community question and answer social network. You may ask what you want, and other people will respond. The community is in charge of voting for the best answer, either because of its merits or because they found it the funniest answer. Similarly, you can spend the afternoon responding to other people.

In this first release it seems that Yahoo Answers Now only shows questions from the international version, that is, in English, although it is foreseeable that in the near future it will be extended to more regions and languages. For now, if you don’t speak the language of Shakespeare, you can at least see the new interface.

Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo Answers Now1.3.0.1

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