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Yahoo Mail allows us to manage all the photographs of our emails with a new section

27 mayo, 2021

They are not the updates that we usually see the most from Yahoo!, but that doesn’t mean they never happen: the company has released a new image viewer in your webmail client, which allows us to explore the photographs that we have stored in the service emails without having to open them one by one and saving us time.

The viewer organizes the images of all the emails, as many as they have stored in the Yahoo account. In addition, taking advantage of the integration between both services, we can also add the images to Flickr and explore the ones we have on that service as long as we have integrated the user account with Yahoo! If you are one of those who do not stop receiving photographs and you have a Flickr account, this can be very useful to be able to calmly add new albums to the service.

The image browser is now available, so if you have a Yahoo user account you can take a look at what’s new right now. Rivals like Gmail do not have something similar officiallyAlthough they may prefer to rely on their own image management and storage services. By the way, we can also browse the images from our phones.

Via | The Verge> Yahoo Mail Blog
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