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“Yahoo News is not an aggregator”

23 mayo, 2021

This same week we published an interview with José Gabriel González (AEDE), in which he spoke about the “rate” that the Government wants to impose on Internet aggregators for using content. The novelty of these statements is that, for the first time, AEDE made reference to other affected portals in addition to Google News. Among the services mentioned were Flipboard, Facebook or Yahoo.

From Genbeta we have contacted all of them to see their official response to these statements. For now, Yahoo has already told us that they believe that being among those mentioned it’s a misunderstanding”:

The only thing we can say at the moment is that there is confusion since, unlike other services, Yahoo News is not an aggregator, but rather a service that offers licensed content.

Indeed, a quick look at “Yahoo News”: https: // shows us that they do not take information from online newspapers or similar, but rather turn to news agencies such as EFE, Reuters, AP or Europa Press, which charge for their services. This is what they mean by “licensed content.” Contents for which they supposedly should not pay any kind of canon, since even the newspapers themselves have similar agreements and republish these same articles with the permission of the agencies.

What was José Gabriel González referring to when he claimed that Yahoo performed aggregation functions? We do not know it, although the truth is that seems like a misconception or of not having stopped to look, in a little detail, how Yahoo News works.

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