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Yahoo Releases YSlow Development Code for Interested Developers to Contribute

26 mayo, 2021

The Yslow plugin has been quite popular over the years with developers interested in check the performance of your web pages. But although Yahoo has continued to support the tool and update it, based on the developers’ suggestions, it faced stiff competition as is Page Speed, a very similar tool led by Google.

No wonder Yahoo has released the project (change to BSD license and release of development code) encouraging developers to learn how it works, fork the project on Github and submit their modifications. Yslow is developed entirely in JavaScript, HTML and CSS so it is easy and seeing as it has been created. The main reason is, without a doubt, that the developers support the development that until then had Yahoo alone.

The latest development version is hosted on the Github of Marcel Duran, the leader of the YSlow project. If you want to contribute to the project, you must fork and send the pull requests. Those that are considered interesting will be integrated into the stable version of Yslow hosted at Of course, the stable version can be forked but will not be accepted, it is only recommended if we want to make our own versions or integrate them into our own personal projects.

It is clear that Yahoo! It is trying to cut costs, but somehow these movements incentivize the community to continue with interesting developments like this one. It can also serve to be the beginning of the creation of interesting tools that build on the current YSlow code, expand functionalities and include some of the suggestions that many have been providing without response during these years.

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