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Yahoo! renew your weather app with more information and better design

27 mayo, 2021

Applications for check the weather there’s a lot. Each user has different priorities but I personally like that they show a lot of information and are also attractive. Nor do I ask for much data, but at least enough to be well informed.

One of the many apps out there to check the weather is Yahoo!. Over time it seems that they have forgotten about it but the update, which is available now, comes with enough improvements to fight to be one of the most interesting.

Changes start from the interface. All very simple and quite fluent. We can establish different cities and moving between the different pages is fast, something that in some applications can be a bit heavy with so many animations.

Taking advantage of the fact that they have Flickr, the application take pictures of the places that we have configured to show us the weather and the time of day. A curious detail that in general is quite right with the images it shows. Beyond the aesthetic details it has a lot of information.

Now it shows the forecast for the next five days, the weather throughout the day and information such as the lunar phases, probabilities of precipitation, wind speed … An important jump and that shows that Yahoo! don’t forget your Android apps.

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