Skip to content, the Russian “pirate YouTube” where you can see even Infinity War and Black Panther, is about to be blocked

26 mayo, 2021

Although in the rest of the world very little is known to the Russian search engine Yandex, in that country is the most visited website, it is basically the Google of Russia. That same search engine has a video search section that aggregates content from different sites like or Vkontakte (the Russian “Facebook”).

And right now is facing a copyright crisis since the government has given you 72 hours to remove all content that violates copyright or they will be blocked by the Roscomnadzor. And achieving such a feat would not be easy at all.

From VHS to STREAMING everywhere

In you find a gigantic amount of content that obviously has not been licensed, justito when entering the home page you are directly with movies like Anvengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, or Deadpool 2. You don’t have to leave Yandex to watch those full movie videos dubbed into Russian, everything is perfectly accessible from there.

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Viewing copyrighted content on is easier than watching a movie on Netflix

But it is not Hollywood who is behind Yandex at the moment, but Gazprom-Media, the largest Russian media company, which together with others is demanding that Yandex remove their content from the search engine.

If the links are not removed by today August 30, will become one of the blocked websites in Russia. When a site is accused in that country of copyright infringement, they have three days to remove the content, and it seems that no matter how large Yandex is, they have not given it extra room to maneuver.

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