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You can go from S mode of Windows 10 to a full version of the OS by pressing a button in the Microsoft Store

26 mayo, 2021

Go from the impending S mode of Windows 10 to a full version of the operating system, without restrictions, it seems that it will be as simple as pressing a button in the Microsoft app, game and content store.

This is clear from the build 17134 Windows 10 Spring Creators Update or April Update, called to be the last of the highly anticipated next major system update, and the discovery that Richard Hay has spread.

In this way, what was announced by Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows, regarding the free conversion from S mode to full versions of Windows 10 would be fulfilled. “If a customer wants to switch from S mode, they can do so free of charge, regardless of the edition.”, he assured.


“Disable S mode” option to get a full version of Windows 10

Users who have a Windows 10 computer with S mode activated and do not wish to continue with it, without being able to install applications from outside the Microsoft Store among other restrictions, they will only have to access that store, look for the option “Deactivate S mode” and press the button Obtain.

As we can see in the screenshot published, only the button appears, no price is shown, no cost is communicated, so what Belfiore assured at the beginning of March is fulfilled.

The change, according to the description, “is unidirectional”, so it will not be possible to return to S mode in Windows 10 once deactivated

What Microsoft does do is indicate that the change “is unidirectional”, thus you will not be able to return to S mode once a full version of Windows 10 has been obtained, and inform users of the advantages that the company gives to S mode. “If performance, security and peace of mind are your top priorities, continue with Windows 10 in S mode”, it is indicated in the description of the option.

Taking into account that this build is expected to be the final one and that the death of Windows 10 S as a system and its rebirth in S mode is going to occur with this next big system update scheduled for this month of April (although it may with the delays let’s go to May), it is entirely plausible that this has been the way chosen by Microsoft to change the deactivation of the configuration.

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