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You can now download Opera 63 with an improved and more honest private browsing mode

26 mayo, 2021

The latest version of the Opera browser can now be downloaded for Windows, Linux and macOS. This initial release of Opera 63 has as its main feature its new and improved private browsing mode.

Now, many of us know that the private browsing mode of browsers doesn’t really protect us from much, and the people at Opera have decided to make it clear exactly what is this navigation mode for with the new version of your browser.

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Clarifying what private mode is for

With Opera 63 when you open a new private window you will see a good amount of information about the private mode of the browser. While other browsers inform you in private windows that your activity may still be visible to the websites you visit, your ISP, or the company or school you are in, Opera does it a little better.

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Opera first makes it clear to you that your browsing activity “will be invisible to other people using Opera. on the same device“, and below they explain to whom your activity can be visible despite continuing to use that mode.

Operate Private Mode

They also tell you exactly what the browser will remove when closing the private window: browsing history, cookies and site data, information entered in forms.

And finally they explain to you which data you saved while using a private window will remain visible: the shortcuts, the files you download and the bookmarks you create.

Yes, the other popular browsers explain this too, but Opera has arranged it quite clearly and visually, easier and more attractive to read than the handful of text on a black background.

In fact, they have even published a list of cases in which it is useful to use the private mode, for example: enter a web service with different credentials, search for something and leave no trace in your history, or browse for a moment and quickly get rid of all data and tabs.