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You can now download Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and macOS

27 mayo, 2021

Microsoft just announced the launch of new Visual Studio 2019, its popular Unified Development Environment arrives fresh and loaded with cool features, and is available for free download on both Windows and macOS.

Among its main novelties are that Visual Studio 2019 now includes AI-assisted code completion thanks to Visual Studio IntelliCode, and the Visual Studio Live Share real-time collaboration tool has also been fully integrated.

The Windows calculator is the most popular project on all of GitHub since Microsoft released its code

According to the Microsoft development team, this is a huge improvement compared to Visual Studio 2017 in several areas, for example that makes it easier to access your code by simplifying cloning Git repositories or opening existing projects or folders.

Visual Studio 2019 Mac Dark Mode Visual Studio 2019 – Dark Mode

Visual Studio 2019 improves navigation through code, the templates section to make it easier to start a new project, the health indicators of a document, and improves one-click code cleanup to apply multiple refactoring rules.

Also debugging experience has been improved, and all the new features work with both existing and new projects, from cross-platform applications written in C ++, to .NET mobile applications for iOS and Android written in Xamarin, or cloud-based applications that use Azure services.

Visual Studio for Mac

Start Screen Vs4mac New Start Screen in Visual Studio 2019 for Mac

The Mac version is going through its best moment, Visual Studio for Mac code editor has been completely replaced with a new editor that shares its base with Visual Studio on Windows, but with a native interface for macOS. You can even run multiple instances of VS 2019 right from the dock.

Visual Studio is the Full Microsoft IDE for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and the cloud that has a free version for students, collaborators in open source projects and private users.

The professional and business versions have free trial periods. You can compare the differences in what each offers from here.

If you want more information about all the details of the new version, you can check the official Microsoft support documents.