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You can now install WhatsApp for Windows from the Microsoft Store

26 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp, the multiplatform instant messaging, voice and video calling application used by more than one billion users worldwide, finally lands in the Microsoft store taking a further step in its dissemination. If two years ago, in early 2015, it was released online with WhatsApp Web, a little over a year later, in May 2016, it was released for Windows and macOS. And now, at last, it reaches the market of Redmond applications.

After about four months of testing With a small group of users, WhatsApp Desktop has appeared in the Microsoft Store ready to install with all the features that it already enjoyed in its previous versions.


WhatsApp Desktop

Everything seems to indicate that it is not a native application for Windows 10 and therefore it would not fit exactly within the universal Windows platform known as UWP. Rather, it would be the packaging of the Win32 desktop application through the so-called desktop device bridge or Desktop Bridge, which uses the Desktop App Converter tool.

A priori, users of WhatsApp for Windows will not notice differences in this version of WhatsApp Desktop from the Microsoft Store

Users who already have installed the version for Windows provided from the official WhatsApp website they won’t find any big difference. In fact, if they install this version from the Microsoft store they will verify that they do not need to read the QR code to log in to the desktop, since the application recognizes the account they had in WhatsApp for Windows.

In any case, that an application as important and powerful as this lands in the Microsoft Store it’s good news for windows. This application store wants to become the great benchmark for software downloads for Windows 10 for obvious reasons, however, it is not being easy and the attempts to reach a position like the one enjoyed, for example, the Apple App Store they have not yet come to fruition. Yet.

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