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You can now record calls on a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

26 mayo, 2021

Although it is always recommended ask permission to anyone whose voice we want to capture, how to keep one copy of call content telephone calls is something that has always generated interest. On Android, for example, there are many different solutions and applications to record the sound of a phone call made through a smartphone. Samsung now allows it natively on their Galaxy S9.

The new feature has appeared among users who have installed the may security update (with number of build G960FXXU1BRE5 and G965FXXU1BRE3), but not for everyone. Record a phone conversation not legal in all countries And, for this reason, Samsung has limited the feature to those states that do allow it. Among these, Spain.

Although our tests We have not seen the option activated, even after updating the terminal, there are several Reddit users such as The Mentalist who have tried the option successfully. We assume that the new functionality will arrive little by little to all devices in the countries where Samsung has authorized it.

The option of record a call It will appear in the typical call interface, once you have started it, among the classic options of its customization layer, the Samsung Experience. Start recording -and stop it- will thus join the menu that includes buttons to increase the volume, configure the bluetooth connection, activate the speaker, mute or show the keyboard, as well as the hang-up button.

Capture from Reddit user The Mentalist

The function requested by users is back

It is possible that this new function has reached Samsung’s premium range in the wake of the events at the beginning of the year. With the arrival of the S9, some Israeli users decided to denounce the company for several call-related problems, among them who had disabled service that allowed some applications to record the content of calls.

Samsung Eliminates The Possibility Of Recording Calls

Neither Call Recorder nor Burovoz: no application could re-record the sound of calls. This decision by Samsung, alleging inconsistencies in its privacy policies and international legality, also came to outrage Spanish users, who showed their anger in the official forums.

Samsung S9 and S9

With this move, Samsung once again offers a highly demanded function and it does natively: without intermediaries and with the possibility of limiting, modifying or configuring the service at will, with which you have full authority to allow or disable option in those countries you consider. The countries where call recording has been activated, in addition to Spain, are Russia, Romania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland, although this list is expected to expand in the coming days.

Via | xda Developers
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