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you can now try “the first gaming browser” on the market

27 mayo, 2021

Half a month ago we were stunned at the announcement of Opera GX, which according to the company was “the first gaming browser“from the market, made for the public that plays video games and that consumes a lot of its content on websites like Twitch. I missed this launch considering the proximity in time of Opera 60” Reborn 3, but as we can see today, They are products for very different audiences.

And we say today because Opera GX can already be downloaded and tested in its early access program, although currently only on Windows. It is not something that is too surprising, because after all, Microsoft is the only platform that can be considered “for gamers”.

Opera GX can give you functions that would be good for any browser, even if you are not a gamer

Opera Gx

The first great proposal of Opera GX, or the one that can be at least the most useful for all types of users, is GX Control. It is a configuration panel from which users can choose the absolute amount or percentage of RAM and CPU that the browser can take from the global resources of the computer.

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The complaint about the amount of resources consumed by browsers such as Chrome, or simply web pages full of Javascript, shows that many users want software that demands less from the machines, and with GX Control, in the absence of testing it, what has been achieved is achieved. asked both the developers.

Labeling ‘gamer’ may sometimes not appeal to many users, but Opera GX’s dedicated features can end up hooking users who just want to browse with better resource control.

In principle, this function is designed so that the browser can remain open even with very demanding video game sessions in progress, but as we said, it is a function that anyone can appreciate if they want to control the resources to assign to web browsing.

How could it be otherwise, Opera GX integrates Twitch in its left sidebar, and it will notify users who have logged into the platform when one of the streamers what’s next start a broadcast. Plus, it includes shortcuts to popular player sites like Discord, YouTube, and Reddit. In this sense, GX Corner will be a place where Opera GX will allow users to find out about the latest news, launches and, beware, offers. Do not stop the fever in the time of Steam offers.

A dedicated design and sounds with, of course, RGB palette to choose color


Opera GX includes a completely renewed design compared to Opera 60, fully modifiable with wallpapers and color schemes, from 10 suggested to 16 million possibilities. RGB selectors are not lacking in the world gamer, and here they were mandatory if they wanted to meet the expectations of many, for according to Opera, “that you feel at home in any gaming setup”.

Also there will be dedicated sounds, as a result of Opera’s collaboration with Rubén Rincón and the Berlinist band, who were recently nominated for a BAFTA Games Awards for the soundtrack of the game ‘Gris’.

The company also puts a lot of emphasis that the best of Opera 60 and other versions of the browser is still in Opera GX. That is, in the absence of seeing if Opera GX allows a more sober theme to be established than the gamer, it can be a great option within the growing list of Chromium browsers. If you want the built-in VPN, you will have it. If you want the integrated ad blocker, you will have it, and the same with the integration of Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook on the side or the “Picture in picture” function to view video content in separate windows.

You can download Opera GX for free here. Opera plans to release the stable version at the end of the year.

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