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You only have to use 64 times more RAM than Windows 95 needed to run it as a simple app

27 mayo, 2021

We had already seen Windows 95 in the browser, but now someone has turned the entire operating system into a simple app for Windows, Linux and macOS. You can run all of Windows 95 just by installing one package on your computer.

Sadly this It is not a native app, but one made in Electron, the same thing that is behind apps like Spotify or Slack, almost a complete Chrome and a very simple tool to package complete websites as desktop apps and that usually eat a lot, a lot of RAM.

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Windows 2018 08 24 10 55

In the same notes of the code of this Windows 95 made app, even its creator, Felix Reiseberg says that it definitely must have been a real native app. But what if with Electron everything is easier, although some developers even accuse it of being a cancer.

A nightmare for designers, the concept that Windows 95 imagines as a mobile operating system

The app is doing quite well, in Windows 10 it hardly consumes just over 250 MB of RAM, which by current standards is silly, but if we remember that Windows 95 barely asked for 4 MB of memory as a minimum requirement to be installed, we are facing a difference of 64 times that amount, for a version that does not work quite well.

Screenshot 2

An app that also uses up almost 20% of the juice of my CPU, which is 20 years younger than Windows 95. Although these experiments are challenges for developers and have become very fashionable as an example of the power of computers today, they also show how little it matters to optimize the consumption of resources at all.

Installing this on your PC as a mere curiosity is entertaining for about five minutes until you lose interest or hang completely when you want to run MS-DOS.

Windows 2018 08 24 11 03

Internet Explorer does not work (very classic), nothing to visit Genbeta from Windows 95 within Windows 10, so you are limited to opening the notepad or Paint and the rest of the old Windows museum tools.