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your Gnome desktop, as if it were Windows XP

27 mayo, 2021

As we mentioned some time ago in Genbeta, there is a project called “Mac4Lin”: https: // that tries to achieve the appearance of Mac OSX Leopard on the GNU / Linux desktop, using themes and visual modifications in applications to create the effect.

There is also a similar project for bring the visual aspect of Windows XP to the Gnome desktop. It’s about a script easy to install, but beware that it modifies several things and does not have an automatic uninstallation process, so if you want to remove it, you will have to manually change each detail that it modifies:

Gnome XP Themed
  • Desktop wallpaper.
  • Login screen theme.
  • GTK and Metacity theme for windows.
  • Icon theme.
  • Nautilus: tree view in the sidebar.
  • Panels: background image, main menu icon and activation of some applets.
Gnome XP Themed 2

In order to install it, you just have to download the ZIP package, unzip it, access the created directory and run the file

Via | “Lifehacker”: http: // Link | “XpGnome Script”: http: //