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Your Phone already allows you to sync copy and paste with Android on Galaxy

26 mayo, 2021

For a long time, the Your Phone application has been one of Microsoft’s products that best shows that after the death of Windows Phone, the company wants Windows 10 to be able to play perfectly with other operating systems, and more specifically, with Android.

Today, Android now integrates better with Windows 10 than Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile ever did, and you have to keep in mind that time passes and the possibilities are getting bigger. In that sense, as we have in this article, we can make and receive calls from Windows 10, manage SMS, view notifications, synchronize notes, etc.

Now, as we read in Android Police, Microsoft has announced on its Insiders blog that the Your Phone application will allow you to synchronize the clipboard between Windows 10 and Android, although currently only with the latest Samsung smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip. Let’s look at some of the other extras they get and how it works


Copy on mobile and paste on Windows 10, and vice versa

Your Phone

To synchronize the clipboard between Windows 10 and Android on Samsung, you must have the Your Phone application installed on Android and Windows. For the function to take effect we will have to be in Windows 10 version April 2018 Update or higher, something common in most installations. Once we have the application installed on both systems, in the Windows 10 settings we will have to activate the option that we see below: “Allow this application to access and transfer content that I copy and paste between my phone and PC”.

Your Android Phone

This function is very reminiscent of the universal clipboard that Apple has between iOS and macOS, since iOS 10 and High Sierra. It is a great luck to receive it in Windows 10, although the ideal would be for it to reach all Android devices soon, which although it ends up happening, usually takes a long time compared to Samsung devices. In any case, along with other cases, the Your Phone application is the great proof that Outside of the Apple ecosystem there is also a lot of life even if you want to play with the synchronization.

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Another thing that Your Phone receives is sending RCS messages from the application. Finally, since Samsung terminals allow you to do mirroring to the PC screen, there is now a new functionality that will save battery: see the Samsung screen on the PC, but with the device with a black screen. Thanks to OLED technology, power consumption will be greatly reduced.

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