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your security is outdated, you better go to Windows 10

27 mayo, 2021

Microsoft has a problem. You are working hard on a converged operating system and you are acquiring a rolling release philosophy with major updates, but you continue without being able to get so many users to use it as it has its other operating system released in 2009. Yes, Windows 7 is becoming a problem.

That is why there has come a point where Microsoft itself have started attacking your operating system most used in an attempt to “motivate” its users to upgrade last. It has begun to do so on its German website, where, taking advantage of the fact that the support ends in three years, they question its security architecture.

“Windows 7 is based on an outdated security architecture,” says Microsoft itself. “Businesses and users who do not upgrade to Windows 7 in the next three years face great dangers.”

Microsoft seems to want to avoid another case Windows XP, which, as you will remember, still had a gigantic user base when its support ended three years ago, which turned the end of its life into a real problem for users, companies and Microsoft itself. Hence another line in which they warn companies: “Already with Windows XP we have seen that companies must cope early with the transition to avoid risks or subsequent costs “.


Microsoft has been attacking Windows 7 for a year and a half

Microsoft saw it coming. Windows 7 is an operating system much loved by usersSo much so that the fact that they did not want to abandon it weighed down Windows 8 throughout its life. He didn’t want the same thing to happen to him with Windows 10, and that’s why from the beginning he started an aggressive campaign to “force” his users to take the leap.

First he tempted their pocket by telling them that if they had an original Windows 7 license they would not need to pay for 10. Then came the notorious case of update notifications, with which throughout the year that the Windows 10 promotion lasted for free to users. 7 users they did not stop receiving notifications asking them to update.

Windows 7 still has three years to live, but with one and a half years on the market Windows 10 has not yet managed to surpass it in users, so it is to be expected that when the support ends there will still be millions of users using it. So even though they may not lack reason To question the security of its veteran system, it is not difficult to see that it is a new movement within a campaign that we already know.

Via | Microsoft
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