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YouTube creates one of the longest videos in the platform’s history by suspending a channel by mistake

27 mayo, 2021

YouTube just accidentally created one of the longest videos ever, if not the longest, by mistakenly suspending the popular ChilledCow channel and, with it, a live broadcast that had been playing no less than 13,165 hours, 23 minutes and 44 seconds. About a year and a half.

The video in question, titled lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax / study to, had been in broadcast since mid-2018 and had become quite a phenomenon on the Google video platform. The 218 million views it has ended up with after its accidental end attest to that.

The girl who studies and the cat who looks out the window, with background music, are back after their accidental disappearance from YouTube

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The ChilledCow phenomenon and its lofi hip hop radio

Lofi Hip Hop Radio Beats To Relax Study Girl Study Cat Video Chilledcow

Luckily for the thousands and thousands of people who repeatedly followed this broadcast through YouTube, ChilledCow (and its live broadcast) is back after the failure of the platform. It all happened over the weekend, when the channel was banned by, according to the information supplied by the service and broadcast by the channel, having violated the terms of service.

YouTube, in just a few hours, acknowledged on Twitter what they were wrong and reported that they were reestablishing the canal. The error caused the automatic generation of the video of the live broadcast carried out in the last year and a half in which we can see a girl who writes in a notebook, with helmets on.

The YouTube error caused the automatic generation of the video of the live broadcast carried out in the last year and a half

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The looping animation, reminiscent of the productions of the beloved Studio Ghibli, is set in what appears to be the young woman’s room. It also shows a cat looking out the window while it is snowing outside over the rooftops. A scene that, due to its characteristics, is especially attractive for users who repeatedly connect with the broadcast.

At the time of this writing, the new live broadcast of the lofi hip hop radio gathers more than 35,000 spectators.